To be transformed.


Go – Gather – Befriend

Our mission is not just about ourselves.  It is about others and being living examples of Jesus love to them; especially to those who are ‘far from the Lord’.  Our mission is to reach out to others in an intentional, sacrificial and relational way so that they might come to know the Lord better.  We believe that this process happens best in an authentic relational manner.  In carrying out our mission, we find that we become transformed.


Generosity:  We are called to be a generous people.  Our life isn’t just for our betterment.  Our lives are to be sown in generosity towards others.

Community:  We value community and relationship.  Our internal church community, but also our external community – the community God has called us to live, work, serve, gather and befriend.

Service:  We value sacrificial service to others.  Our lives are not our own.  We pour them out into the lives of others.

Generations:  We value the generations.  We aren’t a ‘college campus’ or a ‘youth group’ or a ‘senior church.  We place great value in the diversity of the different generations.   Our gray haired people need the squeels of small children.  Our teens need to interact and learn from those with the wisdom of a life long lived.  Together, inter-generationally, we are better.