Farmers to Families Food Program

We will be making 25 pound food boxes available at Living Hope Fellowship on Tuesday from 12-1 PM from the federal USDA Farmers to Families Food Program. Boxes are given away on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to reserve a box, we will reserve it for you until 6 PM. At 6 PM, if you have not picked up your box(es), we will give it away to the next available persons.

Pick the type of box(es) you want:

  1. 25 pound produce box

  2. 25 pound combination box (produce, meat, milk, cheese, etc.)

Pick up time:  Tuesday at Living Hope Fellowship – 4954 Arrowhead Drive

12 Noon-1:00 PM

NOTE:  Due to the heat, there will ONLY be ONE pick-up time this week over the noon hour.

See example of what is in a box this week: PDF

No limits.

No Cost:  $-0- (zero)

No Registration (unless you wish to reserve a box or boxes).

No Questions.

Taking reservations for the distribution date of:  08-18-2020