Food Boxes

“because everyone can use a little help sometimes”


We will have 1 more food distribution date: May 19.  It is our understanding that this will be the LAST of the Farmers to Families program food boxes.

Next Date:  May 19, 2020

Location: at Living Hope Fellowship – 4954 Arrowhead Drive

9:00-10:30 AM – Bulk Order Loading
11:00 AM – Individual Order Pick Up
1:00 PM – Any remaining boxes given away (Call 439-5986 to see if there are extra boxes)

What is the food for the upcoming week?

        • 10-12 lbs of produce
        • 5-6 lbs of dairy
        • 5-6 lbs of protein
        • 1 gallon of milk

Future Dates:  We have food trucks coming Wednesday, May 12 and Wednesday, May 19.  After that, our understanding is that the Farmers to Families program has been shut down.

Carpool:  To help reduce traffic on the road, if you are able, please carpool and pick up boxes for multiple families.

Reservations for May 19 are open.